All Inferno game a success - Inferno wins!

BILL GRAY'S REGIONAL ICEPLEX, August 26, 2017 - The Rochester Inferno took the ice in an intrasquad matchup on Saturday evening. The Inferno in black (Team Auble) defeated the Inferno in white (Team Coon) 6 to 5 at Bill Gray's Regional Iceplex.

"It was Shane Bertou's idea" noted Dave Morgan. "The idea of doing an inferno-only game across all three teams was a great one."

Several of the captains got to work building out the possible teams to the "All Inferno Game".

"We spent several hours trying to find the right balance" explained Chris Linford. Linford was part of the group in charge of splitting the teams evenly.

The captains were tasked with finding the best way to balance teams with members from various teams at different skill levels. Captains each took a cut by splitting their own teams into what they thought would make even groupings. Then they took those rosters, and attempted to merge them together, placing different players on different lines to try to make things work out.

"I'm really happy how it worked out" remarked Morgan "We were able to take up-and-comers who started with us this season and see them perform great in the game against some of our more veteran players." said Morgan. "I saw full novice team lines, like the Kyle Walker, Ben Lee and Kai Heidenberg line or the Corey Raymer, Chris Potter and Kyle Jacque line take on some of the top guys in the Inferno club and get pressure of their own. We saw the Doug Keller and Dave Kish line take on some of our top scorers and hold them off. We got to see our Tuesday goalie, Will Volkmar, skate out, and I was given the great pleasure of having Albert Blankley frustrate the hell out of me on faceoffs."

The balancing worked out, as it was a close matchup throughout the game. Corey Raymer struck first with an early goal to put up Team Coon. Jason Offord was able to intercept a pass through the middle and come away with a contested breakaway, but was unable to collect with Ron Coon making a clutch save. Eventually Tim Daly cashed in at the end of the first period to tie the game up 1-1.

The second period was exciting as the teams exchanged goals, the first from Karyn Bower beating goaltender Matt Auble. Melody King opened up Tim Daly who quickly came back with an excellent top shelf shot over goaltender Ron Coon's left shoulder, evening up the squads at 2.

In a faceoff at about the twelve minute mark, Joe Climek was able to take it himself and quickly bury his first goal of the evening, giving Team Coon the lead again. However, Team Auble was quick to strike back, with Tim Daly threading a pass behind defenseman Dave Kish to Dave Morgan's backhand - just beyond Ron Coon's reach, tying the game back up at 3 a piece.

Team Auble was able to step ahead for the first time in the game after Amanda Offord forced Kevin Brolly to make a pass that was intercepted by Mike Carroll, who stepped in and shot a wrister against the grain to surprise Ron Coon. Chris Linford, not willing to allow this transgression, put away a point blank shot in the other direction, evening up the score at 4 each.

The period continued with Dave Morgan putting himself in front of the net, and taking back Team Auble's lead - but it was short held with Steve Sydorowicz having the same idea on the other side of the ice, putting away the 5th tying goal of the game, and wrapping the 2nd period up at a 5-5 tie.

As time ticked away during the 3rd period, Pat Whitman skated up ice with the puck off of an errant pass - skating through several defensmen, but still putting away what would wind up being the game winning goal.

Team Auble (Black) had 7 players that made the scorecard. Tim Daly had 2 goals and 2 assists (4 points). Dave Morgan had 2 goals and 1 assist (3 points). Pat Whitman had 1 goal and 1 assist (2 points). Mike Carroll had 1 goal. Sam Yurick, Josh Sydorowicz, and Melody King each had 1 assist.

Team Coon (White) had 8 players that made the scorecard. Joe Climek, Chris Linford, Steve Sydorowicz, and Karyn Bower all had 1 goal and 1 assist (2 points). Corey Raymer had 1 goal. Doug Keller, Dave Kish, and Chris Potter each had 1 assist.

Tim Daly was awarded the hot dog from Team Auble. Karyn Bower was awarded the tournament taco for Team Coon.